What is META

An integrated homogenous blend of tests and assessments, especially customized to align with corporates needed evaluation and assessments of professional competences.


Based on more than sixteen personality, behavior, job-fit , aptitude, traits and situational judgment tests, in fully customized formats.

  • A holistic (HUMANE) approach helping you explore unseen traits and uneasily reached character aspects.
  • Multi-dimensional techniques helping a more in-depth understanding and situational behaviors.
  • Efficient methodologies, customizable to your target competences needed to analyze and simply reach decisions.
  • Sustainable outcomes and reliable easily implemented recommendations.

How META will help you

META is an efficient toolkit, helping you and your corporate, in many ways.  In alignment with your corporate needs, agreed competences and in the form you need according to the purpose of assessment:

  • Competence-Based Recruitment

Exploring how a candidate may fill in your corporate target position, and will be an appropriate match to your vacant job profile.

  • Employee Re-Allocation/Placement

Re-allocating employees and re-structuring your workforce is a good tool that you may need and you need to make sure that this plan will go smoothly and people re-allocation is hassle-free and minimize issues and conflicts.

  • Developmental Needs Analysis

Individual training/coaching/assignments/ other actions best-fit developmental solutions.

  • Career Path and Succession Planning

Exploring candidates potential and eligibility to fill in target positions and/or being solid assets/leadership pipelines.

  • Performance Appraisal and Evaluation

An excellent tool in Performance Appraisal preparation and paving the way for a healthy and scientific evaluation process.

  • Special Tools

Evaluating a corporate special set of competences, such as Sales Efficiency, Customer Service Mind-set,  resources management, competitiveness and any blend of competences, in alignment with corporate vision and market norms.

in addition:

META set of tools and especially customized blends are of great support to your organization in many aspects, such as:

  • Change Management Projects

Change is inevitable in business and all corporate make huge efforts and a lot of money to execute change plans; META supports your corporate efforts in measuring the change environment and acceptance within teams, in addition to selecting best-fit change agents and developing resistance-proof change plans.

  • Merger/Acquisitions/Swaps

Mergers, acquisitions and swaps or any other form of two or more companies are getting into a single new entity required a clear vision of similarities and common grounds between different cultures and work environment; META helps healthy integration of teams through understanding of differences and readiness to be integrated.

  • Employee Engagement and Workplace/Engagement Projects

Employees behavioral patterns and profiles are the solid ground for any project targeting employees. All projects aiming to affect employees behavior should be based on actual behavioral patterns and preferences/tendencies of employees to optimize the probability of project success.

  • Downsizing/Restructuring and Workforce Management Projects.

When we have to downsize or restructure the corporate workforce we need the scientific ground to ensure our efforts are on the right direction and we don’t hunt ducks in the dark; META is your lighthouse to ensure that.

  • Special Task Force/Project Team Formation Projects.

Who will fit in and how he/she may perform are the main question we have forming a task force or a team for an important project; META helps you doing that on a solid ground.

Efficient Methodologies

Approaching almost all aspects indicating the actual and realistic potential for candidates to higher assignments shouldn’t necessarily mean it should be more expensive or more time consuming.

Meeting the highest standards for reliability and validity, META efficiently help you make better decisions about your people.

MEHRAT methodoligies are EFFICIENT

  • Fully customizable tools to be aligned with your target competences and job profile.
  • Diversified and in-depth analytical tools in different levels and by different tools.
  • Orchestra team of diversified tools and techniques giving the whole process the harmony needed.
  • The whole process goes on the “target Job” norms and dynamics on a parallel path to current job and relating to day-to-day activities and evaluating actual situations.

Sustainable Outcomes

Variable conditions and tools are absolutely indicating  longer and more sustainable reliance on results attained and evaluation outcomes validity.

Minimal subjective, observation and human factors and optimum objective measurements, analysis and questionnaire results.

MEHRAT ensures SUSTAINABLE outcomes

  • Friendly formats, available on-line and off-line, multilingual and real easy to use.
  • Different types of evaluations, questionnaires, surveys, tests approaching different HUMAN aspects and variable situations and responsiveness.
  • Work-related, socio- psychological, psychometric, IQ, EQ and different  case studies, situational decisions to be taken and thorough analysis of deep abilities and potential
  • Avoid the hassles of irrelevance, short time, biased observers or pre-set results.

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