How META Works

A Systematic Process

Assessing or evaluating a single competence may be taken as an easy task, accomplished using a questionnaire or a test of any kind, however; in business, it’s never that simple and direct and it’s never a single competence that you are after evaluating in your target candidate (s). The beauty of META® is that it enables you to decide the set of competences you are searching for, translate into specific behaviors, traits, characteristics and META® will design the blend of tools helping you draw a factual picture of the candidates and the most appropriate comparison to your pre-set levels of competences needed.


  • Selected and automatically randomized set of questions.
  • Timed and recorded answering.
  • Bilingual and easily understood.


  • Clip arts, images and drawings professionally utilized.
  • Audio and video professionally utilized.
  • colors and fonts are selected on psychological and cultural basis.