Coaching is an extremely important tool for people development and handling interpersonal issues within workplace

MEHRAT Coaching Measure; Co-N-Co is a unique tool evaluating:

  • Coach competences
  • Coaching styles.
  • Ability and acceptance to be coached
  • Return on coaching.

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Phone Number

Your CEO tells you it's time to beef up your social media. Do you:
You aren't attending management meetings, so you:
The company's sales aren't where they should be. You:

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You have an annual marketing plan and budget. Mid-year, you learn about a great opportunity but it will cost approximately 5% of your budget. You:
When it comes to developing an annual marketing plan and budget you:
You've noticed several of your competitors offering online ordering (through their website), but you know making the conversion would come out of your budget, so you:
Your website is pretty good (you think), but you don't really know how it's performing, so you:


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You know your company is not aggressive enough it its marketing, you:
Your owner/president/CEO has asked you to step up the company's marketing, but you don't quite know how. You:
You're actively seeking to more aggressively market the company and its products. You:

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