MEHRAT Teamness Meter

Team work is a complex process, lots of  challenges and tasks stress within teams create a high level of individualism and doing work assignments in an individual pattern, resulting in lack of coordination and teams internal problems. Bottom lines and due dates are the most stressful factors affecting weakly built teams and causing huge loss of resources and most precious time.

Let’s face it: Not everyone wants to be a team player. And most people think they can or even are. But we know that’s not that easy. Some people are so consumed with their own work; they forget to support their team, or they flat out don’t care. It isn’t always easy to be a part of a team. In fact, it’s sometimes a real pain! But it’s an absolute necessity in the workplace. You simply have to be willing to collaborate and pitch in when needed in order to achieve success. After all, if you don’t help your team, they won’t help you. And no one man (or woman) can do it alone!

So, are you really a team player? Or do you just think you are? Take this questionnaire to find out!

MEHRAT Teamness Meter is a unique assessment tool, helps evaluating and assessing:

  • Individualism versus Collectivism in professionals’ behaviors.
  • Collaborative work preferences and acceptance.
  • Competence of transparency and best practice transfer.
  • Probabilities of tasks achievements through teams.

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